Rippled Validator Chelsea

A way to participate in and dive into the technology that supports the XRP Ledger network on a secure and dedicated server.

Server Documentation

This is a dedicated server for use in validating transactions on the XRP Ledger.

We strive to have our validator always embody the following properties. We know that having a good validator will help rippled server operators and validator list publishers, such as , to trust our validator before adding it to your UNLs.

  1. Server Availability
  2. The validator is always running and submitting validation votes for every proposed ledger. We strive for 100% uptime.

  3. In agreement
  4. Our dedicated validator's attempts to match the outcome of the consensus process as often as possible. To do otherwise could indicate that our dedicated validator's software is outdated, buggy, or intentionally biased. We always run the latest rippled release without modifications. We watch rippled releases in order to be notified of new releases.

  5. We issue timely votes
  6. Our dedicated validator's votes arrive quickly and not after a consensus round has already finished. In order to keep our votes timely, we make sure our dedicated validator meets the recommended system requirements, which includes a commercial internet connection.

    Current Specifications as of: September 29, 2021 02:25:22 AM UTC

  7. Identified
  8. Our dedicated validator has a clearly identified owner. We have provided domain verification. XRP Ledger network UNLs include validators operated by different owners in multiple legal jurisdictions and geographic areas. This reduces the chance that any localized events could interfere with the impartial operations of trusted validators.

    Ripple (the company) publishes a validator list with a set of recommended validators. Ripple strongly recommends using exactly this list for production servers.


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